Nokia software updater: models, product codes and firmware version + some hackings (updated: June 8th 2009)

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Italian version here.

in this article I would like to collect all Nokia models updatable with Nokia Software Updater, with their product codes and firmware version. Firmware latest versions are verified with this site .

If you are searching Russian or Arabic product codes, click there.

Model Product code Version
Nokia E50 0530669 (RM-170)
Nokia E51 0553974 (RM-244) 300.34.56
Nokia E60 0519047 (RM-49) 3.0633.09.04
Nokia E61 0530093 (RM-89) 3.0633.09.04
Nokia E61i 0545785 (RM-227) 3.0633.69.00
Nokia E62(1)    
Nokia E65 0536850 (RM-208) 4.0633.74.00
Nokia E66 0566773 (RM-343) 210.21.007
Nokia E70 0526646 (RM-10)
Nokia E71 0559569 (RM-346) 210.21.006
Nokia E90 Communicator
Tastiera italiana
0544403 (RA-6) 400.34.93
Nokia E90 Communicator
Tastiera inglese
0548314 (RA-6) 400.34.93
Nokia E90 Communicator
Tastiera tedesca
0544355 (RA-6) 400.34.93
Nokia E90 Communicator
Tastiera francese
0548316 (RA-6) 400.34.93
Nokia N70 0522157 (RM-84)
Nokia N70 ME 0536418 (RM-84) 5.0705.3.0.1
Nokia N71 0521298 (RM-67) 4.0642.1.05
Nokia N72 0534977 (RM-180)
Nokia N73 0529790 (RM-133) 4.0839.42.0.1
Nokia N73 ME 0537289 (RM-133) 4.0839.42.2.1
Nokia N76 0534107 (RM-135) 31.0.014
Nokia N77    
Nokia N78 0545485 (RM-235) 21.002
Nokia N79 0567510 (RM-348) 20.175
Nokia N80 0529381 (RM-92) 5.0719.0.2(2)
Nokia N80 IE 0538301 (RM-92) 5.0719.0.2
Nokia N81 0550165 (RM-223) 21.0.010
Nokia N81 8GB 0544169 (RM-179) 21.0.010
Nokia N82 0549174 (RM-313) 31.0.016
Nokia N85 0560498 (RM-333) 20.175
Nokia N90 0522145 (RM-42) 5.0607.7.3
Nokia N91 0523183 (RM-43) 2.20.008
Nokia N91 8GB 0538601 (RM-43) 3.10.023
Nokia N92 0531111 (RM-100) 5.0748.2.0.4
Nokia N93 0523601 (RM-55) 20.0.058
Nokia N93i 0532063 (RM-156) 30.0.013
Nokia N95 0534841 (RM-159) 31.0.017
Nokia N95 8GB 0549487 (RM-320) 31.0.015
Nokia N96 0543713 (RM-247) 20.050
Nokia 3109 classic 0547344 (RM-274) 07.21
Nokia 3110 classic 0544307 (RM-237) 07.21
Nokia 3120 classic 0559059 (RM-364) 10.00
Nokia 3250 0526389 (RM-38) V 03.24
Nokia 3500 classic 0549088 (RM-272) 07.21
Nokia 3600 slide 0561060 (RM-308) 06.26
Nokia 3610 fold 0564000 (RM-429) 03.56
Nokia 5200 0535355 (RM-174)
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic 0563406 (RM-411)
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic 0532161 (RM-146)
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic 0546968 (RM-303) 10.10
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic 0562272 (RM-422) 04.40
Nokia 5500 Sport 0523963 (RM-86) 04.60
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic 0552281 (RM-242) 09.40
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic 0544728 (RM-230) 03.83.1
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 0558982 (RM-356) 21.0.025
Nokia 6085 0553978 (RM-198)
Nokia 6086 0515500 (RM-188) 06.00
Nokia 6110 Navigator 0546581 (RM-122) 06.01
Nokia 6120 classic 0541799 (RM-243) 06.01
Nokia 6121 classic 0550309 (RM-308) 05.11
Nokia 6122 classic   05.24
Nokia 6124 classic    
Nokia 6125 0531480 (RM-178) 05.43
Nokia 6126    
Nokia 6131 0528733 (RM-115)
V 06.10
Nokia 6136 0531477 (RM-199) V 15.21
Nokia 6151 0534661 (RM-200) 04.10
Nokia 6210 Navigator 0557240 (RM-367) 04.13
Nokia 6212 classic 0560525 (RM-396) 06.10
Nokia 6220 classic 0549325 (RM-328) 04.13
Nokia 6233 0535974 (RM-145)
Nokia 6234 0532099 (RM-123) 05.60
Nokia 6267 0547080 (RM-210) 05.20
Nokia 6270 0532431 (RM-56) V 03.81
Nokia 6288 0539837 (RM-78) 06.43
Nokia 6290 0532821 (RM-176) 03.03
Nokia 6300 0537620 (RM-217) 07.21
Nokia 6300i 0559381 (RM-337) 05.60
Nokia 6301    
Nokia 6500 classic 0546101 (RM-265) 09.48
Nokia 6500 slide 0549717 (RM-240) 09.60
Nokia 6555 0549794 (RM-271) 03.46
Nokia 6600 fold 0558724 (RM-325) 06.14
Nokia 6600 slide 0565181 (RM-414) 05.60
Nokia 6630 0518120 (RM-1) 6.03.40
Nokia 6650 fold    
Nokia 6680 0521689 (RM-36) 5.04.40
Nokia 6681 0521906 (RM-57) 6.09.00
Nokia 6682    
Nokia 7210 Supernova 0564805 (RM436) 06.51
Nokia 7370 0532440 (RM-70) V 04.13
Nokia 7373 0540787 (RM-209) 05.50
Nokia 7390 0534714 (RM-140) V 04.51
Nokia 7500 Prism 0515161 (RM-249) 03.50
Nokia 7610 Supernova 0562984 (RM-354) 06.51
Nokia 7900 Prism 0549053 (RM-264) 04.84
Nokia 8600 Luna 0548200 (RM-164) 03.52
Nokia 8800 Arte 0547866 (RM-233) 09.41

(1) Nokia E62 exists only in UK site, starting from the 21st February 2007.
(2) From version 4.0632.0.38, Nokia N80 became equal to Nokia N80 Internet Edition. It’s official:
If you would like to copy this table on your site, please, at least link Thanks!

Nokia XX

Green color in the table means the firmware update will not delete any data on the phone.
NB: Language and graphic brand of those phones couldn’t be changed with Nokia Software Updater. It depends by the amount of modification included in the update.

Nokia YY

Yellow color in the table means the firmware update will format the phone memory and all data stored will be lost. Backup before the update is really needed.
NB: Language and graphic brand of those phones can be changed with Nokia Software Updater.

The information of this table is collected thanks to this site reader’s reports.

The product codes refer to models sold in Italy, which have Italian language and without operators brand. However, all the phone with those product code have also English language, except Nokia E90 Communicator.

The procedure to change the product code is the follow, but be careful! The warranty of the phone will be lost and the operation is dangerous:

– Download and install  Nemesis Software Suite (called also NSS) from here
– Launch the program
– Connect device to PC via USB cable and if prompted and select “PC suite”
– In NSS select “Scan for new devices” (icon with magnifying glass)
– Select “Phone Info
– Select “Read” in “Product Data Edit” section
– Tick the “Enable” checkbox next to “product code” and enter a product code you chose in table
– Select “Write
– Bottom left status bar will indicate when this is complete, with the message “Write new values… Done
– unplug phone and exit NSS

Now you can update your phone using Nokia Software Updater, who will detect automatically the new product code, and the new firmware without operator brand and with English and Italian languages.

This procedure is useful if you bought your phone outside your country, without or with limited warranty and you would like to change language to English or Italian and take off the operator brand variant. Be careful! Following those steps you can violate the contract with your operator and, however, you will lost the warranty.

This procedure will NOT disable any OPERATOR LOCK nor SIM LOCK.

News: You can update your Nokia N73 base release with Nokia N73 Music Edition using the respective product code, as described in this site.


356 Commenti to “Nokia software updater: models, product codes and firmware version + some hackings (updated: June 8th 2009)”

  1. Commento numero: 1
    Mo Says:

    I was wondering how you got the product codes for the Nokia 6290. I’m looking for the product code to update the phone and change the language to English and Arabic.

    Do you know where I could find the product code for Arabic?


  2. Commento numero: 2
    Paul Says:

    Can you help me and explain how to change the language on the Nokia phones, for example Nokia 7373 into RUSSIAN from English UK.

    I personally have SonyEricsson P990i and very happy with my phone, I also noticed that it’s very easy to change the language (to any) during the first start after firmware update!
    Unfortunately, Nokia has another standart on the languages.

    Thank you.

  3. Commento numero: 3
    Cellomania Says:

    Mo, sorry but 6290 seems it isn’t sold in any Arabic country, so I can’t find the product code with that language.

    Paul, I found this russina product code for Nokia 7373: 0535835.
    If you try and you it works please ,let us know!


  4. Commento numero: 4
    Mo Says:

    Hey Cellomania, at least you tried. Thanks anyway and Happy New Year :)

  5. Commento numero: 5
    Mark Says:


    Does everybodies knows how to get the product code for Nokia E65?
    As I want have Baltian’s or Russian’s language on this phone from English.
    I tried, what i can, but I can’t make to found…
    Would appreciate, if anybody knows and can help me.


  6. Commento numero: 6
    Cellomania Says:

    Hi Mark!
    For E65 I found those product codes:
    0515294 Baltian Nokia E65
    0515295 Russian Nokia E65

    Let me know if they work.

    I think I should create a table for Arabic and Russian languages :-)

  7. Commento numero: 7
    michael Says:

    salam guys, could someone please post an arabic product code for the nokia e65?

    thanx in advance

  8. Commento numero: 8
    Cellomania Says:

    Here Arabic E65:
    Pruduct code 0515309

  9. Commento numero: 9
    yazan Says:

    hi ! could anyone tell me how can i obtain russion language for my nokia 6630 ,version 4.03.38 ?

    thank you .

    contact me by my e.mail

  10. Commento numero: 10
    Cellomania Says:

    Hi yazan,
    use this Russian product code for 6630: 0518106.

    The procedure is discribed in this article.
    I hope this will work.

  11. Commento numero: 11
    Nosferatu Says:

    Hi guys. Can anyone submit arabic product code for 5700?

  12. Commento numero: 12
    Cellomania Says:

    Hi Nosferatu,
    here arabic 5700 product code: 0515736

    Let me know if it works.


  13. Commento numero: 13
    John Says:


    The nokia 6500 classic code does not debrand my phone.

    My firmware is updated to the newest version, but my phone still keeps the branded features it had before flashing.

    Anyone managed to successfully debrand a nokia 6500 classic?? If so, what am I doing wrong??


  14. Commento numero: 14
    Cellomania Says:

    Hi John,
    as you can see, 6500 classic is green on the table. This means the phone isn’t formated by Nokia Software Updater, and brand is removed only if the update is major.

    Sorry, I don’t know different and working procedure.


  15. Commento numero: 15
    John Says:

    Thanks for the info. mate, lets hope we get a major update soon.

    If anyone finds out another way to debrand the 6500 classic, please let us know.


  16. Commento numero: 16
    Alexa Says:

    I realy need the product code for a Nokia 6131 with romanian language.

    Thank you!

  17. Commento numero: 17
    Cellomania Says:

    Hi Alexa,
    Please, try with Russian product code that you can find here:
    I don’t know if in Russian one you can find also Romanian.

  18. Commento numero: 18
    Alice Says:

    Hello! Do you know any way to change the product code for 7390? My phone was already modified from Chinese to European, and i am desperate to change it back. HELP!


  19. Commento numero: 19
    isendev Says:


    I´ve updated Nokia 6267 with product code 0542306 and seems to be an EURO3 product code (English, Czech, Slovakian, German, Polish and Hungarian languages). Any idea to get an EURO1 (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) product code?

    Best regards.

  20. Commento numero: 20
    Darren Says:

    can anyone please post the product code for the Nokia 6267 that suports Romanian? if there is one =)

    thx much!

  21. Commento numero: 21
    SKELETON Says:

    i have nokia 7500 prism, the security code is 12345, however it cant be accepted by the phone, i tried a master code found it while searching but nothing happened also, can anyone tell me what to do?

  22. Commento numero: 22
    slca Says:


    Does anyone have a eu2 code for nokia 7900?

    Thanks in advance. :)


  23. Commento numero: 23
    vait Says:

    8600 Luna (russian)

  24. Commento numero: 24
    erol emre Says:

    hello I need nokia 5310 turkish language code

  25. Commento numero: 25
    Joey Says:

    hey mate

    can you please post the product code for nokia 6630 UK unbranded silver


  26. Commento numero: 26
    alikiranbaskesen Says:

    Nokia 5310 Sweden : 0557040

  27. Commento numero: 27
    alikiranbaskesen Says:

    Nokia 5310 Turkish and European Languages : 0546966

  28. Commento numero: 28
    Glenn Says:


    Can you please post the product code for 5310 for US and Thailand please.


  29. Commento numero: 29
    Jorge Says:

    Hi I need to write text in Spanish for my Nokia 6267. Please anyone help me in how to add Spanish as an option in text. THANK YOU Jorge

  30. Commento numero: 30
    Alvin Says:

    Hey, I got a N81-3 RM 233 PC 0561376… I need a PC Language contain
    English & Chinese (to read SMSes or File Name). thanks…

  31. Commento numero: 31
    Jabbin Says:

    Hi i was wondering if anybody has the code for 6131 in Turkish? Thanks.

  32. Commento numero: 32
    lenours38 Says:

    Hi everybody !
    Does everybodies knows how to get the generic product code for Nokia 6086 in french (RM-188)

  33. Commento numero: 33
    Glenn Says:

    6131 in Turkish try this.
    0535002 RM-115 6131 EURO-C CTV TURKEY BLACK
    0535003 RM-115 6131 EURO-C CTV TURKEY WHITE
    0535004 RM-115 6131 EURO-C CTV TURKEY RED

  34. Commento numero: 34
    FernandoMoreira Says:

    Hi. can anyone tell me 5610 in portuguese please.

  35. Commento numero: 35
    Callo-Man Says:

    New version for N95 available and online : 21.0.016

  36. Commento numero: 36
    Glenn Says:

    Nokia 5310

    0554640 LIGHT SWAP EURO-C, Latin, Sakura Red
    0554641 LIGHT SWAP APAC-T, Latin, ENGINE
    0554642 LIGHT SWAP APAC-U, Thai, Sakura Red
    0554643 RM-303 LIGHT SWAP APAC-P, BoPoMoFo, Sakura Red
    0554644 RM-303 LIGHT SWAP APAC-Q, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0554645 RM-303 LIGHT SWAP APAC-R, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0554778 SWAP EURO-C, Latin, Sakura Red
    0554813 SWAP EURO-C, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0554848 SWAP EURO-C FR, Latin, Sakura Red
    0554849 SWAP EURO-C TR, Latin, Sakura Red
    0554850 SWAP EURO-F, Hebrew, Sakura Red
    0554851 SWAP EURO-H, Greek, Sakura Red
    0554852 SWAP EURO-I RU, Cyrillic, Sakura Red
    0554853 SWAP EURO-I UKRAINE, Cyrillic, Sakura Red
    0554854 SWAP MEA-1, Arabic, Sakura Red
    0554855 SWAP MEA-13, Latin, Sakura Red
    0554857 SWAP EURO-C FR, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0554858 SWAP EURO-C TR, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0554860 SWAP EURO-F, Hebrew, Warrior Blue
    0554861 SWAP EURO-I RU, Cyrillic, Warrior Blue
    0554862 SWAP EURO-H, Greek, Warrior Blue
    0554863 SWAP EURO-I UKRAINE, Cyrillic, Warrior Blue
    0554864 SWAP MEA-1, Arabic, Warrior Blue
    0554865 SWAP MEA-13, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0547421 APAC-S, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0548072 APAC-S MALAYSIA, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0548073 APAC-T, Latin, Sakura Red
    0548074 APAC-T PHILIPPINES, Latin, Sakura Red
    0548075 APAC-U, Thai, Sakura Red
    0548080 APAC-V, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0548081 APAC-W, Latin, Sakura Red
    0548082 APAC-X, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0548083 APAC-P, BoPoMoFo, Sakura Red
    0548085 APAC-Q, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0548109 APAC-R, Stroke, Sakura Red
    0548821 APAC-S, Stroke, Warrior Blue
    0548822 APAC-S MALAYSIA, Stroke, Warrior Blue
    0548823 APAC-T, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548826 APAC-T PHILIPPINES, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548832 APAC-U, Thai, Warrior Blue
    0548869 APAC-V, Stroke, Warrior Blue
    0548870 APAC-W, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548874 APAC-X, Stroke, Warrior Blue
    0548888 APAC-P, BoPoMoFo, Warrior Blue
    0548889 APAC-Q, Stroke, Warrior Blue
    0548891 APAC-R, Stroke, Warrior Blue
    0556152 APAC-S, Stroke, CTV_SG Warrior Blue
    0556156 APAC-S, Stroke, CTV_SG Sakura Red
    0556775 APAC-W_NY, Latin, Sakura Red
    0556776 APAC-W_NY, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0558554 APAC-T AU, Latin, Sakura Red
    0558555 APAC-T AU, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0547348 MEA-1, Arabic, Sakura Red
    0547368 MEA-2, Arabic, Sakura Red
    0547369 MEA-3, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547371 MEA-4, Urdu, Sakura Red
    0547372 MEA-5, Farsi, Sakura Red
    0547375 MEA-6, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547376 MEA-7, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547383 MEA-8, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547385 MEA-9, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547386 MEA-10, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547387 MEA-11, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547388 MEA-12, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547390 MEA-13, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547392 MEA-14, Arabic, Sakura Red
    0548768 MEA-1, Arabic, Warrior Blue
    0548791 MEA-2, Arabic, Warrior Blue
    0548792 MEA-3, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548793 MEA-4, Urdu, Warrior Blue
    0548794 MEA-5, Farsi, Warrior Blue
    0548796 MEA-6, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548798 MEA-7, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548801 MEA-8, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548802 MEA-9, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548803 MEA-10, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548804 MEA-11, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548805 MEA-12, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548818 MEA-13, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548819 MEA-14, Arabic, Warrior Blue
    0556705 RM-303 5310 MEA 4 CTV MUSIC PK RED
    0556708 RM-303 5310 MEA 4 CTV MUSIC PK BLUE
    0556880 RM-303 5310 MEA 11 CTV MUSIC KE RED
    0556881 RM-303 5310 MEA 11 CTV MUSIC KE BLUE
    0557146 RM-303 5310 MEA 6 CTV MUSIC NG RED
    0557147 RM-303 5310 MEA 6 CTV MUSIC NG BLUE
    0557162 RM-303 5310 MEA 14 CTV MUSIC AE RED
    0557163 RM-303 5310 MEA 14 CTV MUSIC AE BLUE
    0557200 RM-303 5310 MEA 1 CTV MUSIC MEA1 RED
    0557201 RM-303 5310 MEA 1 CTV MUSIC MEA1 BLUE
    0557203 RM-303 5310 MEA 2 CTV MUSIC MEA2 RED
    0557204 RM-303 5310 MEA 2 CTV MUSIC MEA2 BLUE
    0557214 RM-303 5310 MEA 3 CTV MUSIC MEA3 RED
    0557215 RM-303 5310 MEA 3 CTV MUSIC MEA3 BLUE
    0557719 RM-303 5310 MEA 13 MTN ZA RED
    0557720 RM-303 5310 MEA 13 MTN ZA BLUE
    0545809 EURO-A, Latin, Sakura Red
    0546931 EURO-B, Latin, Sakura Red
    0546966 EURO-C UK, Latin, Sakura Red
    0546968 EURO-C, Latin, Sakura Red
    0546976 EURO-C FR, Latin, Sakura Red
    0546977 EURO-C ALS, Latin, Sakura Red
    0546996 EURO-C TR, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547003 EURO-C VODA, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547010 EURO-D, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547032 EURO-E, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547036 EURO-F, Hebrew, Sakura Red
    0547037 EURO-H, Greek, Sakura Red
    0547038 EURO-I CIS, Latin, Sakura Red
    0547039 EURO-I, Cyrillic, Sakura Red
    0547040 EURO-I RU, Cyrillic, Sakura Red
    0547041 EURO-I BRMD, Cyrillic, Sakura Red
    0547042 EURO-I UKR, Cyrillic, Sakura Red
    0547044 EURO-O, Latin, Sakura Red
    0548675 EURO-A, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548678 EURO-B, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548679 EURO-C, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548680 EURO-C UK, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548681 EURO-C FR, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548685 EURO-C ALS, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548686 EURO-C TR, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548691 EURO-C VODA, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548692 EURO-D, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548721 EURO-E, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548722 EURO-F, Hebrew, Warrior Blue
    0548723 EURO-H, Greek, Warrior Blue
    0548725 EURO-I CIS, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0548747 EURO-I, Cyrillic, Warrior Blue
    0548748 EURO-I RU, Cyrillic, Warrior Blue
    0548765 EURO-I BRMD, Cyrillic, Warrior Blue
    0548766 EURO-I UKR, Cyrillic, Warrior Blue
    0548767 EURO-O, Latin, Warrior Blue
    0556197 RM-303 5310 EURO-C CTV FR RED
    0556363 RM-303 5310 EURO-C ORANGE FR RED
    0556380 RM-303 5310 EURO-C SFR FR RED
    0556496 RM-303 5310 EURO-C CTV UK RED
    0556498 RM-303 5310 EURO-C CTV UK BLUE
    0556515 RM-303 5310 EURO-C BOUYGUES FR RED
    0556535 RM-303 5310 EURO-C SWISSCOM CH RED
    0556541 RM-303 5310 EURO-C SWISSCOM CH BLUE
    0556693 RM-303 5310 EURO-O ORANGE UK RED
    0556768 RM-303 5310 EURO-A TELIA SE RED
    0557040 RM-303 5310 EURO-A TPH SE BLUE
    0551708 RM-303 5310 AMER-L LTA, Latin, REGIONAL RED
    0551741 RM-303 5310 AMER-L LTA, Latin, REGIONAL BLUE
    0554932 RM-303 5310 AMER-L DIGITEL VENEZUELA RED

  37. Commento numero: 37
    Flitz Says:

    I’m looking for brazillian portuguese code for E51. If anyone can help me.

  38. Commento numero: 38
    phuture Says:

    I’d be very grateful if you could post a EU / UK code for Nokia 7900. My 7900 is originally from Hong Kong. If anyone out there wants a HK code for 7900, it is 0552336. Many thanks in advance! :)

  39. Commento numero: 39
    gammexane Says:

    I have a nokia 6267, firmware 3.22 and the nokia updater says there is no new versions… do you know why?
    BTW, my phone is english/spanish…


  40. Commento numero: 40
    Michael Says:

    anyone else have a problem with NSS after this new install of
    NSU 1.4.36 it gives me scan error and even a reinstall of NSS does not help

  41. Commento numero: 41
    el Says:

    hi I also got a problem with NSS, it doesn’t detect my Nokia 5310. By the way do you know if product code change+firmware update allows adding/changing available (writing) languages on 5310? Cellomania wrote “It depends by the amount of modification included in the update” what are your experiences?
    Thank you

  42. Commento numero: 42
    None Says:

    Keep up the work man!!!!!!


  43. Commento numero: 43
    Aoiro Neko Says:

    Hi I have a Nokia N81-RM-223,2GB-SD
    My product code is 0550146 it is an APAC code.
    Unfortunately It does not have Japanese language support.
    If anyone could provide me with product code with Japanese language support, I would greatly appreciate it!

  44. Commento numero: 44
    Eric Sim Says:

    Hi, I need product codes for 8800 arte for russian. Thx alot

  45. Commento numero: 45
    Michel Says:

    the product code for the E65 worked splendid. Thank you very much.

    I experienced Blue Tooth problems with the 2… FW branded by Vodafone Germany and this was my reason to update. Reading the news this seems to be related to the Vodafone branding changes.
    After the update I still have the problems, but I also note that the provider setting at least for connections are still there. I was expecting to have to set them up manually.

    The product code listed above is it possible that this is also somewhat Vodafone branded, or what do I have to do to really remove all the Vodafone proprietary??

    Thanks for this forum!!

  46. Commento numero: 46
    TheBuzzer Says:

    Need Product Code for Nokia 5310 American US

  47. Commento numero: 47
    Antonio Says:

    Nokia 5610 XpressMusic 0542281 (RM-242) 06.60

  48. Commento numero: 48
    Antonio Says:

    Nokia 5610 XpressMusic 0542281 (RM-242), that code is wrong, must be 0552281

  49. Commento numero: 49
    Daniel See Says:

    Can any kind soul provide me with the Thailands’s E90-1 RA-6 & N81-3 RM-223 product codes please? I will greatly apprecite it. Thank you.

  50. Commento numero: 50
    Heba Says:

    What code should I use with NSS to change the language of text messaging into Arabic on Nokia 5310 xpressmusic.

    Thanks a lot.

  51. Commento numero: 51
    Bilal Says:

    Hi Heba
    Arabic code for 5310 is: 0547368

  52. Commento numero: 52
    Bilal Says:

    0547495 Arabic for Nokia 3109

  53. Commento numero: 53
    i_hate_crippled_phones Says:

    Does anyone know a product code I could use to debrand a nokia 6301? ( English ).


  54. Commento numero: 54
    Iam Says:

    Anyone a product code for the Nokia 6650?

  55. Commento numero: 55
    belis Says:

    New N81-3 firmware available! RM-223 V 20.0.056
    product codes: 0558072
    100% working ;)

  56. Commento numero: 56
    Marios Says:

    Guys, you’re absolutely fantastic!! Keep up the excellent work…..

  57. Commento numero: 57
    safi Says:

    Hi all!

    Which one is the correct HUNGARIAN product code for Nokia 5310 red XpressMusic?

  58. Commento numero: 58
    agamakaka Says:

    How to take off simlock from nokia 5610i?? please help me….

  59. Commento numero: 59
    Mohammed Says:

    can i get arabic product code for ( Luna 8600 ) please ?

  60. Commento numero: 60
    sad fathy Says:

    Dear all,
    could you pls. advice me how to get arabic update software for my N70 phone. my product code is 0522157 but when i updated my software the arabic language disappeared .

  61. Commento numero: 61
    Zapry Says:

    I need code for 6650 T-mobile – Bulgarian.

  62. Commento numero: 62
    saigon66 Says:

    I got N81 8gb and i need product code for Dutch Language. Please help? Thnz a lot

  63. Commento numero: 63
    ckramscxzkyie Says:

    can this firmware be use in my nokia 6630 jap vodafone?
    i hope sum1 can help me….
    sorry for poor english….
    please send me some info

    by the way i’m in philippines….

  64. Commento numero: 64
    oguz Says:

    i need 3120 classic turkish code
    V 07.16 RM-364

  65. Commento numero: 65
    Bill Says:

    Anyone , what is the product code for Nokia 5310b RM-7.01 that will enable the ARABIC Language ?

    Help is appreciated.

  66. Commento numero: 66
    Paulo Panda Says:

    Hello Cellomania!

    Thanks Very Much for these “punk tips”!
    It works fine for brazilian NK6681 to russian package!

    Follows under, N81 codes as requested:

    N81-1 / RM-179

    0544169 Euro1 0545846 Euro1 – France 0545847 Euro1 – Alps 0545848 Euro2 0545849 Euro2 – Turkey 0545851 Scandinavia 0545882 Baltian 0545883 Russian 0545884 Russian – Bulgaria and Romania 0545885 Russian – Ukraine 0545886 Russian – CIS 0545889 Russian – Belarus and Moldovia 0545890 Euro3 0545893 Balkans 0545894 Balkans – Greece and Cyprus 0545899 Hebrew – Israel

    N81-3 / RM-223

    0550127 Euro1 Silver 0550127 Euro1 Silver 0550129 Euro1 – France Silver 0550146 Euro1 Blue 0550151 Euro1 – France Blue 0550131 Euro2 Silver 0550132 Euro2 – Turkey Silver 0550171 Euro2 – Turkey Blue 0550175 Scandinavia Blue 0550135 Baltian Silver 0550177 Baltian Blue 0550142 Russian Silver 0550143 Russian – Ukraine Silver 0550144 Russian – Belarus and Moldovia Silver 0550191 Russian – Ukraine Blue 0550192 Russian – Belarus and Moldovia Blue 0550187 Euro3 Blue 0550200 Balkans Silver 0550145 Balkans – Greece and Cyprus Silver 0550188 Balkans Blue 0550194 Balkans – Greece and Cyprus Blue 0550150 Hebrew – Israel Silver 0550198 Hebrew – Israel Blue

    Best Regards,

    Paulo Panda.

  67. Commento numero: 67
    Mike Says:

    hi need the arabic code for nokia 3250
    best regards

  68. Commento numero: 68
    Rutilicus Says:

    hello, Can you supply me e51 camless (RM-426) product code for Turkish language? That would be great!


  69. Commento numero: 69
    rachadd Says:

    hi, I need the french code for nokia 5610 music xpress (5610-d RM-242)

  70. Commento numero: 70
    Chriss Says:

    Hi, I really need the spanish code for nokia 5610 xpressmusic


  71. Commento numero: 71
    Anonimo Says:

    request Thailand N96 product code please

  72. Commento numero: 72
    Micheal Says:

    Need urgently, nokia 6210 navigator product code for chinese language.. pls help me…. thanks in advance

  73. Commento numero: 73
    sherwin Says:

    i need to reset my n81 8gb, i mean total reser coz upgrading does not format the phone memory….anyone who can help me….pls email me at…thnx

  74. Commento numero: 74
    asaf Says:

    can i get codes in hebrew for Nokia 7210?

  75. Commento numero: 75
    armendo Says:

    I need arabic code for nokia 6600 slide

  76. Commento numero: 76
    Julio Molero Says:

    Please I need the code for N78-3 Americas LTA, RM-342

  77. Commento numero: 77
    palomeke Says:

    Hi I have a 3120 Classic which has already the latest version of the firmware (v7.16 rm-364). However it is not in spanish and I would like to change it to spanish. If I follow the procedure above will Nokia Software updater let me install the spanish version? Or will it still say that it has the latest one?
    Is the code above also valid for spanish? or should i try to find it?

    Thanks! thanks!

  78. Commento numero: 78
    Wolfgeorge Says:

    Hi every one, palomeke try NOKIA shops for installation of language

  79. Commento numero: 79
    tow Says:

    i need arabic code to:


  80. Commento numero: 80
    tow Says:


    help me

    i need arabic code to:

    i waitng


    my mail

  81. Commento numero: 81
    Michael G Says:

    I was able to write the new product ode for russian language for the 5310 express music phone. Then when going to Nokia software updater it scans before updating anything and tell me there are no firmware upgrades avilable but that it may be the case because my operator says so (T-mobile) current firmware is 5.91 and english menus. What else do i need to do to allow Nokia Software updater to update for the new product code?

    Thank you

  82. Commento numero: 82
    Igor Says:

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful info. Can you please publish the hebrew (israel) code for Nokia 5220 XpressMusic?

  83. Commento numero: 83
    Hubird Says:

    What does white mean in the table above ? It explains what green and yelow mean but what about white ?

  84. Commento numero: 84
    closca Says:

    i have one nokia 6234! i need to resoft this phone because it makes some problems! you know how i can resoft! if you know tell me or send to me some links whith resoft nokia 6234! i wait your help!!

  85. Commento numero: 85
    sonu Says:

    hey can anyone give me product code for nokia 6301b rm 323 mail me at please thanks

  86. Commento numero: 86
    George Says:

    Hello there! Can anyone tell me how can i put Greek Language into my phone? cause yesterday i made nokiasoftwareupdater and Greek language lost… and all my phone numbers! plz help! Thnx

  87. Commento numero: 87
    Gustavo Says:

    does the producto code 0545809 have the port-br language?

  88. Commento numero: 88
    George Says:

    At least does anyone know? for Nokia 6600 slide how can i put Greek language on?

  89. Commento numero: 89
    Niko Says:

    Hello everybody…

    I have a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, and my info is:

    V 07.01
    Variant: 00.01

    and my question is how do i upgrade my phone to the lastest firmware?? I have seen that in the list is the 09.42 but for the rm-303, and not for the rm-304 that is the one i own. Please I need help, i am a complete noob in this area. With what product code i can upgrade it??

    thanks to all….

  90. Commento numero: 90
    Dicom Says:

    Hello! I need product code for Nokia 5610 for Hebrew (Israel) to change the language. My code is 0552249

  91. Commento numero: 91
    Nino Says:

    Hi I got one trouble. when I updated my girlfriend’s Nokia 7610 supernova software via nokia software updater, the Bulgarian language for the menu(the telephone language) disappeared. it has now only english and arabic (I supose).
    can someone tell me where can i find Bg language for that phone.

  92. Commento numero: 92
    George Says:

    Hello! i have the same problem with Nino, but my phone is Nokia 6600 slide, and i lost Grekk language.. someone can help? :D

  93. Commento numero: 93
    ashraf abd el fatah saied aleykadah Says:

    halo , i need cood arabic nokia n 96 ( mideel east ) and manual arabic and eny information thies mopial

  94. Commento numero: 94
    Junior Says:

    Hello everybody!
    Does anyone knows how to get the french product code for a 5220 xpressmusic?
    Thanks a lot for this website. Hope someone could give me an answer.

  95. Commento numero: 95
    Rikee Says:

    @Commento numero: 94
    0564106 – English, French and some Arabian
    0563410 – English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese
    0563435 – Greek, English, French, German
    0563682 – English, German, French, Polish, Romanian, Magyar
    I’m looking for BALKANS product code with Serbian

  96. Commento numero: 96
    s r Says:

    code for nokia 6650 israel code?

  97. Commento numero: 97
    captain06 Says:

    6220 clasic turkish codes please

  98. Commento numero: 98
    medo Says:

    hi, can please anyone tell me the steps how u put the product code in ur phone and how u do the updat to put arabic language in nokia 6288 and 6280 , cos am not very good in the combuter, thank u

  99. Commento numero: 99
    candy Says:

    hi cello,

    why was there no product code for 6301? I need it, please. pls reply to my email.



  100. Commento numero: 100
    wow gold Says:

    All roads lead to Rome

  101. Commento numero: 101
    Tuning Says:

    Hi I am looking for EURO3 product code for Nokia 6124. Thanks

  102. Commento numero: 102
    kensky Says:


  103. Commento numero: 103
    Adis Says:

    Can i do anything with nokia 6230i?
    Recently I had upgraded firmware to V 03.89 7-Mar-07 RM-72
    But Can i install firmware from some other model becouse firmware I am using right now is very slow, taking pictures is taking about 40-60 sec. to finish.

  104. Commento numero: 104
    roy Says:

    bantu w d abel ada versi bwt nokia 6630 kira2 tu bhs apa ja apa ada bhs indo ? tolong kirm jawabanya ke

  105. Commento numero: 105
    Trener Says:

    such a nice think to read this post!

  106. Commento numero: 106
    carlos Says:

    anyone can hel me with the language code for portuguese in a Nokia E61i ?


  107. Commento numero: 107
    elij Says:

    I need n76 euro code. plzz

  108. Commento numero: 108
    Marco Says:

    per il 3500 il product code è errato non ha la lingua in italiano…per chi volesse riutilizzare il cel in italiano mettete questo product code: 0549088 mi sono scaricato la lista completa dei product del firmware e l’ho provato sul mio 3500!

  109. Commento numero: 109
    Naveen Says:

    Iam unsing 5800express edition with formware 11.0.008. facing lots of problems. want to reinstall the firmware how is it possible?

  110. Commento numero: 110
    Karan Says:

    hey im karan from india and ive updated my firmware now i got english italian in my phone thnx alot bro cheers it realy works ur software god love ya bro thnx a ton

  111. Commento numero: 111
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  114. Commento numero: 114
    Penda Says:

    Where I can find larger information?

  115. Commento numero: 115
    Fezzie Says:


    I just changed my E51 product code and upgraded to the latest firmware (300.34.56) and everything went fine but when the phone went to restart after upgrade it has come up an error message saying (Phone Startup Failed.Contact the retailer)

    Any ideas guys?

  116. Commento numero: 116
    ALLYOU Says:

    salut , please , code product arabic for NOKIA 6600 SLIDE, thank you.

  117. Commento numero: 117
    Vockcilt Says:

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  118. Commento numero: 118
    bAN01TgAZ Says:

    I had a ‘little’ panic, once id changed the product id, and updated the phone to none-branded vodafone fw (im on orange…),

    I turned the phone off and back on, but the phone froze at ‘phone startup failed, contact retailer’

    I had to press ‘*’ + ‘3’ + ‘Green’ then turn the phone on,

    it formatted the phone and sprung into life.

    Thanks for your info.

  119. Commento numero: 119
    bAN01TgAZ Says:

    btw: i had nokia 6110 navigator.

  120. Commento numero: 120
    Kiran N Says:

    I amazed with ur performance. I need a product code for my Nokia N70 Music Edition which will support English & Hindi.

  121. Commento numero: 121
    Spyros Galtsidis Says:

    Hi. i need greek product code for Nokia 3250 and Nokia 6230i. Thank you

  122. Commento numero: 122
    Maria Says:

    How you doing friedns, I going to start my own blog!

  123. Commento numero: 123
    cindarella Says:

    can you guys help me to find the german product code for a nokia 6500 classic? thanks a lot!

  124. Commento numero: 124
    michel meira Says:

    queria um product code pro meu,mais que tenha portugues do brasil,pois esse celular(5310)nao e nacional e estrangeiro
    versao dele e:
    v 08.32
    rm 303 variant 00.00
    v 08.32

  125. Commento numero: 125
    michel meira Says:

    wanted a code for my product,which has portugues the world,because he is no
    model came is out
    and his version
    rm 303
    variant 00.00

  126. Commento numero: 126
    zzam Says:

    someone help me I need japanese firmware for my Nokia 5220 expressmusic . . . . please respond this comment as soon as possible

  127. Commento numero: 127
    ozzy Says:

    hi anyone tell me the turkis product code for a nokia E61i

  128. Commento numero: 128
    Samuel Says:

    Hey everybody i need japanese product code for my nokia 5220 expressmusic


  129. Commento numero: 129
    scott Says:


    does any1 know if u can change the product code on the nokia 3120 classic so i update the firmware….it needs to be english….thanks in advance

  130. Commento numero: 130
    ziyad Says:

    can i have a Arabic and Swedish language in my nokia 6300? is there any product key or other way to do that please.

  131. Commento numero: 131
    Terry Says:

    Hi does anyone have product code for three uk mokia 6600 slide? Thanks

  132. Commento numero: 132
    Keyvan Soltanian Says:

    Thanks alot . its work great

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  134. Commento numero: 134
    sdjelal Says:

    Hi, I have nokia 6500 slide black locked on orange. can anyone give me the product code for english and turkish.


  135. Commento numero: 135
    Stamatis Says:

    Hi there! Could you please provide me with Nokia 6220 classic product code for GREECE? Thanks you!!

  136. Commento numero: 136
    Rocky Says:

    hi, please i need the spanish code for the nokia 6600 slide…

  137. Commento numero: 137
    Enroks Says:

    Отличный пост, прочитав несколько статей на эту тему понял, что всё таки не посмотрел с другой стороны, а пост как-то очень заинтересовал.

  138. Commento numero: 138
    Rocky Says:

    hi, could someone give me the product code so I get to update the spanish language in a Nokia 6600 slide? thanks!

  139. Commento numero: 139
    waleed Says:

    how i can download new software when i allready have the new one ? its for n95 8gb,,,
    please helpppppppppppppppppppppppppp me .

  140. Commento numero: 140
    Qasim Says:

    does anybody know if it is possible, and how to install 6300I software on a 6301 because i hear that 6300i has wifi web browsing capability whereas my 6301 only has wifi voip feature. would appreciate any help, thanks,

  141. Commento numero: 141
    Qasim Says:

    or if there are any applications available for 6301 which allow you to browse the web using a WIFI connection.


    reply to if you have any suggestions. Thankyou!

  142. Commento numero: 142
    Marin Says:

    I have Nokia 7610 Supernova. haw can i get a Bulgarian language for it. pls help.

  143. Commento numero: 143
    georgels Says:

    hello guys i need greek product key for nokia 6120c v06.01

  144. Commento numero: 144
    preshika Says:

    hi,i have nokia 5610,how cn i put internet and activate ma mms…plz help

  145. Commento numero: 145
    Morten Says:

    Kan du skaffe russisk sprog til Nokia 6600 Fold ? det russiske/arabiske site ser ikke ud til at komme nogle vegne, har været ret død i flere måneder :(

  146. Commento numero: 146
    boredboy2 Says:

    i have a nokia 6280 and it’s shutting down.
    i’m trying to turn it on and it keeps restarting 3 times then it shuts down…
    can’t do anything with the softwares from this page, right? :)

  147. Commento numero: 147
    BS Says:


    I have a Nokia 8800 with product code 0522674, software v3.6 12-08-05. Is there a updated version of firmware I can upgrade to?

  148. Commento numero: 148
    gg Says:

    ทำไมอัพเกรดเวอร์ชั้น 8800 อาเท้ แล้วไม่มีภาษาไททำไงดี

  149. Commento numero: 149
    pivo Says:

    Удачи тебе великая Россия! Мы все с тобой. Докажем всем,что наши лучшие.

  150. Commento numero: 150
    abbarah Says:

    I flashed your arabic product code for my Nokia 6300, but I when I tried to use the Nokia software updater to update the phone, it said that the phone is up to date. How am I supposed to add any language to this phone ? Can someone help ?

  151. Commento numero: 151
    Sternir Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    can someone give me pls the hebrew code for Nokia 5220 xpressmusic v05.63 ?
    I’m looking for it for quite a while…

  152. Commento numero: 152
    Ijas Says:

    can i change my 6233 firmware to that of any 3G s40v3 devices……. so that i can frwd and rewind my videos and also can change my music player without decreasing my handset volume…………

  153. Commento numero: 153
    Claili Says:

    И да прибудет с нами сила

  154. Commento numero: 154
    chavezsa Says:

    procuct code for nokia n95 (rm-160) (Mexico) and version please

  155. Commento numero: 155
    MajestiX Says:

    help My nokia 5220 Xpress Music has an Update error it keeps shuting down and It cannot be detected on the PC While its Off, Any helpfull solutions and Software Please Send the on my email .…. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase

  156. Commento numero: 156
    CmdrData Says:


    I’ve a Nokia 6555c, how do I unlock/unbrand the operator lock so I can have full functions of the phone and use SIM from another cell carrier?


  157. Commento numero: 157
    Markus Says:

    Personally I do not think they are that bad. Find the files you are looking for at the most comprehensive source for free-to-try files downloads on the Web

  158. Commento numero: 158
    Tetsu Says:

    I need Japanese product code for Nokia 5310 RM-304 Red

  159. Commento numero: 159
    Alexander Says:

    Of what languages consists product code for Nokia E61i (0545785)

  160. Commento numero: 160
    Alexander Says:

    I want to change my e61i from Russian into English…
    which product code i need?

  161. Commento numero: 161
    rafael Says:

    plss help me to unlock my nokia 5310b its T-mobile and its EMEI is :359813014322120

  162. Commento numero: 162
    alan Says:

    how can I change my nokia 3120 from spanish language to english please ?

  163. Commento numero: 163
    sakie Says:

    Очень понравилась ваша новость! Так держать!

  164. Commento numero: 164
    dalbir Says:

    we have lost our nokia 7210 suprenova then what we can do to find it ?plzzzzzzzzzz tell us…………………..

  165. Commento numero: 165
    ucok parkusip Says:

    i’m looking for nokia 5300 xpressmusic product code for red_indonesia, could you advice me, please ?


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    Theodoros Says:

    NOKIA E-90 (13)

  169. Commento numero: 169
    husam Says:

    please help me i need a product codes for nokia n73 with russian & arabic languages

  170. Commento numero: 170
    Shadi Says:

    Dear All,

    Can I upgrade Nokia 3500 Classic language?
    I need it has English, and Arabic, I need to add Turkish for it.
    Could anyone advice?

    Thanks in advance.

  171. Commento numero: 171
    dylan Says:

    Hi man. I’m having trouble understanding all of this. I have a nokia 5610 xpress-music red. I bought it from malaysia and it has the following languages: english, chinese(traditional and simplified) and malay. I want to be able to send txt messages in arabic. The phone can read arabic messages normally but i cant send any. can u please help me.

  172. Commento numero: 172
    dylan Says:

    I need u to tell me what i have to do. tnx in advance.

  173. Commento numero: 173
    Alberto Serra Says:

    coo puedo agregarle el idioma ruso a un Nokia E51, por favor ayudenme

  174. Commento numero: 174
    Kornel Says:

    Har noen Product code til 5310 rm-304 for Norsk/Scandinavisk?

  175. Commento numero: 175
    omarkov Says:


  176. Commento numero: 176
    Praetorian Says:

    Hi. I am looking for a Nokia 5610 Xpress Music (Warrior blue) product code for the Balkan region or specifically – with Croatian or Serbian language (non cyrilic). The original product code is 0552282. Can you help me out please?

  177. Commento numero: 177
    ionistept Says:

    Просто зашибись

  178. Commento numero: 178
    Paul Says:

    I have a Nokia E61i and used the code here, but it has changed the qwerty keyboard layout to what I believe is Italian. Is there one with the UK keyboard layout?


  179. Commento numero: 179
    Najeh Says:

    Thank you for this great post. it worked perfect for english arabic on nokia 6500 slide.


  180. Commento numero: 180
    Касьян Says:

    Просто замечательно – очень интересные мысли

  181. Commento numero: 181
    Gacha Says:

    does anybody now 5310 red baltian product code, and 7310 baltian product code

  182. Commento numero: 182

    Sorry, its no spam. Извините за беспокойство.

  183. Commento numero: 183
    husain Says:

    i got nokia n73 rm 132 i am not able to upgrade through this process nokia software updater detect it as nokia n73 rm 132 and not as n73me what should i do please help its urgent

  184. Commento numero: 184

    yeee, baby, its the best choise

  185. Commento numero: 185
    Forex Says:

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  186. Commento numero: 186
    sowmiya Says:

    THanks for this article. I am also search the master code for my nokia 3120 mobile & I found the code in for free

  187. Commento numero: 187
    miltos Says:

    i have nokia 6220c and i want to change language to greek
    have you any product code for me?

  188. Commento numero: 188
    younes Says:

    code du produit do nokia express music 5800 si il vous plait langue arabe

  189. Commento numero: 189
    younes Says:

    je veux changer la langue de mon express music 5800 merci d avant

  190. Commento numero: 190
    armin Says:

    does it matter what color a nokia 5310 is and the RM number?
    please help…

  191. Commento numero: 191
    armin Says:

    im looking for the SWEDISH product code

  192. Commento numero: 192
    hassem Says:

    i ned de product code for nokia 5610 japanese language rm-242

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    Automatic, English, Esti, Deutche and Turkish.

    The English there is rather inconvenient as it swaps the Y and Z, and a bunch of the character keys are all moved around from what’s on the keyboard (@, ., !, =, etc.)

    Is there another way to set the product code and force the phone to change it’s keymap settings?

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    My origin phone support English, Chinese. After send to shop upgrade vietnamese language it had lost chinese language only have english and vietnamese language now. And the shop dealer is not responsible to it. I wish to add chinese language for both phone support and writing.

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    Você precisa de um empréstimo?
    Você está interessado geting de qualquer tipo de empréstimo?
    Você financeira preocupado? Ou você precisa de um empréstimo para pagar a sua dívida e as contas, se sim entre em contato conosco agora via e-mail da empresa em:?
    Estamos ao seu serviço.

    Candidatos a empréstimos interessados ​​devem preencher e devolver o mutuário abaixo `s informações de empréstimo para processment da transferência:


    Nome Completo: ………………….
    IDADE ………………………..
    ESTADO CIVIL ………………
    Endereço de contato: …………….
    País …………………….
    Telefone: ……………………..
    Ocupação: …………………
    Renda Mensal: …………………….
    Religião: …………………………
    Next of Kin: …………………..
    (Informações do empréstimo)
    Montante necessário como Empréstimo: ……….
    Empréstimo Duração: ………………
    Garantia: …………………
    Modo de pagamento: mensal ou anual? ……………
    Você já pediu um empréstimo antes? …………………

    Obrigado como nós que aguardam a sua rápida resposta.


    Jeff Michael


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